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Download the official banner of the event

Download them also in Basque / French / English / Deutsch

Download them also in Basque / French / English


Flyers and Stickers

Download the flyers to give away and our stickers


At Bullfighting is Violence we wish to comply with civic regulations and legislation governing advertising in each municipality. Thus, we remind you of those places where it is prohibited and permitted to place advertising, to avoid possible administrative sanctions.

  • Facades of residential buildings.
  • Public furniture (rubbish bins, traffic lights, street lamps, public transport awnings, etc.)

  • Permitted:
  • Private spaces, pending permission (shop windows, bars, academic buildings, etc.)
  • Places designated for the purpose (in some municipalities there are elements provided for the legal placement of posters).

If you are not sure in this regard, DO NOT place the advertising, and check the specific ordinances in your municipality.
Thank you very much for your help, which is essential to Bullfighting is Violence.


Help us to get the word out. Print the poster and put it up in your city.
(Before placing posters make sure it is permitted in your area)


Download the Bullfighting is Violence banner, print it on an A3 paper, and place it on a stick. We look forward to seeing you on 13 May on the Calle Bailén.

Photos: Animal Guardians, AVATMA, La Tortura No Es Cultura, Tras los Muros y Piztiak

Transportation to the event

We are organising several buses so that all those interested can attend.